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Maintaining your website can be extremely time-consuming when you have a business to run. There are multiple issues to worry about including updating WordPress core files and plugins, website security, on-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, link building, updating website content, and much more! We provide website management and SEO services at an affordable price, allowing you to focus on your core business.


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What are online webmaster services?

While larger companies usually employ a webmaster or full IT department to maintain their website, SMEs usually cannot afford such an expense. Therefore, outsourcing your webmaster tasks is generally the most desirable option. Webmasters ensure everything on your website is operating smoothly, track analytics, and provide a wide range of time-consuming services. We have created webmaster service plans at an affordable price for small businesses. Spend less time worrying about the technical issues on your website and more time focusing on the operation of your business!


why use business website management?

Outsourcing your WordPress website management has multiple benefits. As your website management service provider, we monitor your website's security, keep your website updated, fix website crashes and bugs, and provide monthly reports directly to your email inbox. Many business owners allow their websites to become outdated due to a lack of time or knowledge. However, as the first interaction for as many as 90% of potential customers, your website is an essential marketing tool. Our affordable website management services keep your website fresh and updated!


How SEO services can boost your income

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important for any business to gain visibility online. There is a wide range of ever-changing factors that determine your position on search engines when potential clients are trying to find your business online. These include on-page SEO factors, technical SEO factors, off-page SEO factors, local SEO factors, and much more. Implementing a professional SEO strategy can help your business appear on the first page of search results relating to your keyword and generate huge traffic to your website, helping you to get more sales.

how SEO Thailand works

website management & SEO packages made easy

Our website management services cost and process are designed to make things as simple and transparent as possible for you. We make ourselves available at any stage of the process – from pre-sales questions to technical support for existing clients – and specifically tailor every SEO strategy to the individual business and website needs. 

1. choose a website management plan

Choose from four tailored website management and SEO plans starting at only 1,000 baht per month. If you are unsure which plan best suits your business, please contact us for advice.

2. receive your initial website audit

After payment, we will request access to the necessary areas of your website and perform an initial website audit. In this audit, we will outline the upcoming plan for your website.

3. leave the hard work to us

Once the initial website audit is complete, we will begin working on the outlined tasks. Any major changes will be confirmed with you prior to implementation.

4. get detailed monthly reports

Every month, you will receive a detailed report informing you about the status of your website, any work that has been undertaken, and the plan for the upcoming month.

afforable website management & SEO

Compare sample webmaster pricing & SEO plans

  • Website Management
  • Website Management + SEO (Basic)
  • Most Popular
    Website Management + SEO (Standard)
  • Website Management + SEO (Advanced)
Website ManagementWebsite Management + SEO (Basic)
Most Popular
Website Management + SEO (Standard)
Website Management + SEO (Advanced)
Update WordPress core & plugins
Keep all website files, plugins, and widgets updated to enhance security and website performance.
Resolve bugs, conflicts & crashes
Monitor and resolve any technical website issues including plugin conflicts, bugs, and website crashes.
Website security scans & maintenance
Daily security scans for malware, vulnerabilities & web trust
Website uptime monitor & alerts
Get automatic notifications whenever your website does down.
Off-site, secure website backupsMonthlyDailyDailyDaily
Web analytics reporting
Reports on website visitors, time spent, bounce rate, and other metrics.
On-Page SEO
Fix and maintain on-page SEO ranking factors including title tags, meta descriptions, image compression & more.
Technical SEO
Fix and maintain technical SEO ranking factors including search engine indexing, sitemaps, website speed & more.
Local SEO
Fix, maintain & grow local SEO ranking factors for Google business listing.
Keyword research + optimizationUp to 5 keywordsUnlimited keywords
External link building
Naturally build external backlinks pointing to your website.
Update website content+ 2 blog posts monthly
Monthly progress reports
Yearly detailed website audit
Full and detailed website audit covering all aspects of your website and SEO.
Technical support
Website hosting + domain (Optional)
Move your website hosting and domain to us for free with every plan! Includes free migration from your current website host.
Yearly PlansYearly PlansYearly PlansYearly Plans
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Need a new or updated website?

We also provide all-in-one web design packages at an affordable rate!


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Maria Luxburg
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Joe Pantoliano
CEO, Loxiret

what you need to know

Webmaster services, SEO Packages fAQs

Once you have chosen a website services package, we will contact you with information about the access you need to provide. Different packages require different levels of access to fulfill our work. Generally, we will require access to your WordPress admin area, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console to implement changes and generate reports. We may also require access to your hosting cPanel account on occasion.

We provide free optional website hosting and domain name with every plan (yearly payments only). If you would like to move your website to our servers, please let us know when you order and we will arrange the migration free of charge. 

We provide technical support with every website management and SEO plan. If you require assistance with making any changes to your website that aren’t included with your plan you can contact us for help. We are more than happy to implement any minor changes free of charge on your behalf. However, more significant changes and edits may incur a fee.


SEO is a fluid and ever-changing practice with uncontrollable influences altering the position of websites for keywords continually. Our SEO plans utilize the latest techniques to help your website rank on search engines properly and for the longterm. We do not use illegal methods for ranking as it may damage your website’s reputation forever. Therefore, we do not guarantee a specific ranking but do guarantee that you will notice gradual improvements for SEO and organic traffic over time. 

** BE AWARE of any SEO company offering guaranteed ranking. They are likely using illegal SEO techniques which will last only for a few weeks and damage the reputation of your business!!

Our monthly reports provide an overview of your website including its security, updates we have performed, backups, and other useful information. It also shows web analytics information in a clear and easy-to-understand format along with details of what we have implemented over the past month and what we plan to do over the following month. 

Monthly reports for plans that include SEO also offer information about your website’s SEO status and a wide variety of other useful pieces of information. 

While we are specialists in WordPress websites, we also provide services for websites that are hosted on other CMS platforms. If your website is not on WordPress, please contact us in advance.

Yes, we offer a wide range of digital services in addition to website management and SEO. Some of the services we provide include web design, social media management, digital advertising, and content writing. If you would like to inquire about our other services please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. 

No problem! We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our services. Just drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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