Small Business Facebook Page Vs Website

Is a Facebook business page alone enough for your small business? Or should small business owners invest in a website to drive more sales and gain more customers?

Do we REALLY need a website and a Facebook business page?

The most common question
by every small business owner
on a budget.

This is one of the most common questions we get from small business owners. While it is a legitimate question for businesses with a limited budget (Facebook business pages are free after all), there are numerous reasons why social media accounts alone are not beneficial to your brand identity, customer reach, and ability to increase sales. In addition, many small businesses don’t even realise that their competition is generating more leads and sales due to having a better online presence (and yes, that includes a website with key information on it).

Small Business Rely Too Much On Facebook Pages Alone

In fact, small businesses without websites are something we come across on a regular basis. Whether its a coffee shop, restaurant, dental clinic, tour service, bar, photographer, makeup artist, or any other type of shop or service – trying to find information about them online can be next to impossible. This is simply because they work from a Facebook business page or Instagram account alone and haven’t invested in a website.

While using social media can be a key tool for attracting new clients, a website adds brand credibility and visibility to businesses of any size. While someone may discover your brand on social media, it is much more likely that they will find a competitor who has a website listed on Google or even if they do discover your brand on Facebook, the first action they will take is to try and find your website for additional information.

No Website Means Less Visibility, Customers, and Sales

Losing potential customers who don’t visit a place of business or use services because there is no website to find information is a major issue for small businesses. Did you know that Google and Facebook are competitors? This means the search engine will rank websites higher than Facebook pages. So, if someone searches keywords on Google, the businesses with websites will display ahead of businesses which rely only on social media.

A website should be the “go-to” place for customers to find out everything they need to about your business. It acts as an important contact point for getting leads and sales. It is also the only way your business can be discovered when potential clients are searching for keywords relating to your industry.

Below we take a look at why websites remain an essential tool for small businesses and why every business owner should ensure they maintain a current, up-to-date website in conjunction with their social media presence.

Facebook Business Page Vs Website


Maybe the biggest factor for most small businesses is the cost of a Facebook page vs a website. While a Facebook business page is free, just about anyone can create one. However, a small investment on a website shows clients you are a serious business and establishes trust with the return on investment coming from leads generate exclusively by your website.


The average news feed on Facebook displays 1,500 stories and posts. That is a lot of competition for your business! In addition, Facebook shows adverts to users alongside your page – some of which may advertise your competitors. It is extremely hard to keep someone’s attention on your brand on Facebook. However, with a website you have the user’s undivided attention to get your message across.


Facebook pages are designed to connect your brand with a social media audience. However, this means you have less control over the appearance of your page, in addition to comments and reviews left about your company. A website, on the other hand, gives you complete control over ever how you want to present your brand to the world.


When you create a page on Facebook, you do not actually own it – Facebook does. This leaves you at the mercy of the company. If they close or suspend your Facebook page you have lost your only way of connecting with customers. A website gives you full ownership and control without worrying about another company’s business decisions.


Did you know one in three people are not on social media? The recent Facebook data concerns means less people than ever are using the platform. Businesses that operate exclusively on Facebook are missing out on a huge number of potential clients who are avoiding the social media platform and looking for services and goods through Google only.

It is clear that
EVERY small business
should have BOTH a
Facebook business page
and a website.

A small investment on
a website can give
HUGE returns!

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