Terms Of Service

The following are the Terms of Service for all products and services provided by Sawadee Solution Digital Service Co.,Ltd ("Sawadee Solutions"), including but not limited to website design, website hosting, SEO services, social media management, and digital advertising. The customer shall provide billing information and any other necessary information requested by Sawadee Solutions to maintain their services. Any information that is not requested during the initial signup or checkout will be requested by Sawadee Solutions and provided by the customer. A signature by the customer or submission of an online order for our service indicates agreement to these Terms of Service. 

If you do not agree to all of the Terms of Service in this agreement, then you may not access our website or use any of our services. 


General payment terms

The following general payment terms apply to all services provided by Sawadee Solutions unless otherwise stated in this agreement under specific service Terms of Service below. 

  • Payments are due in full before any work will begin on a project or service unless explicitly agreed with a customer during an initial consultation or quote.
  • Recurring payments for services that are offered on a monthly or yearly basis are due at a maximum of 14 days after the invoice date.
  • Reminders for payment are automatically sent for monthly services 7 days before the due date, 1 day before the due date, and 5 days after the due date. 
  • Reminders for payment are automatically sent for yearly services 30 days before the due date, 7 days before the due date, and 7 days after the due date.
  • If an invoice remains unpaid 21 days after the invoice due date, we reserve the right to suspend the service, including website hosting and domain name. 
  • Accounts that enter suspension are charged an additional fee of 10 percent per month until the balance is settled. 
  • All payments are non-refundable. Under certain conditions, we may offer account credit for an unused service that has been paid for in advance. 



All services provided by Sawadee Solutions are subject to 7% VAT. To make service pricing more easily understandable, we quote and display all prices inclusive of VAT. Should any customer wish to receive a tax receipt, we will send one by mail upon request. 



Sawadee Solutions is not responsible for interruptions of services beyond our control. These include, but are not limited to, natural disasters and service interruptions by our suppliers. In addition, we cannot guarantee the functions on a website will remain error-free and cannot be held liable to you or third parties for damages, including lost revenue, lost savings, or other incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of the operation of, or inability to, operate this website or any other web pages, even if you have advised us of such damages. 

However, we closely monitor all of our services and provide ongoing customer support to all clients. If you have purchased a monthly or ongoing maintenance package, we will fix errors free of charge. If you do not have a maintenance package, a fee may be charged to fix any errors on your behalf. 


Account credentials

Customers are asked to create an account with Sawadee Solutions when purchasing a service or product. In order to protect access to your account in our client area, the customer agrees to keep all user IDs and access codes or passwords confidential. Sharing of account information and passwords is strictly forbidden. If a customer believes that their account has been compromised, the customer agrees to contact Swadaee Solutions immediately via e-mail or by opening a ticket in our support area. 


Projects and timelines

If a customer recives a custom proposal from Sawadee Solutions, it is their responsibility to review all particulars in detail. Should additional requirements appear during the development of a service, Sawadee Solutions reserves the right to either refuse such add-ons or invoice appropriately for the additional service. Payment for add-ons are due in advance of development.

It is also the responsibility of the customer to review the timeline for each service offered by Sawadee Solutions and to respond in a reasonable timeframe to requests for necessary information. Failure to respond or provide information required for any service will result in the delay of the project and extend the initial timeline proposed. 



The copyright on a custom website is transferred to the website purchaser after full payment has been received for the website. If copyright transfer has been processed, the customer may receive a full backup of their website upon cancellation or transfer of their website to another hosting provider.

Package website copyright for the content and any provided images is transferred to the customer upon completion of payment. The web design copyright may be transferred after one year, however, the right to use premium plugins and features will become the responsibility of the customer upon cancellation. 


Website going live and access

A project is considered to be completed once it has been approved by the customer. Should the customer request any changes beyond the initial agreement, including the addition of premium or additional features, Sawadee Solutions may complete these changes at a reasonable additional cost. Minor changes that fit the initial scope of the project will be completed by Sawadee Solutions within a reasonable time period.

Once the customer has approved the website design, the website will launch and go live. After the website is live, all change requests will fall under Sawadee Soltuions' website maintenance schedule. 

Access to the website to edit content and images is provided via the custom Sawadee Solutions dashboard, the credentials of which are provided once the website is launched. Should a customer wish to gain greater access to the backend of the website, they should submit a request to Sawadee Solutions. Administrative website access is granted at the discretion of Sawadee Solutions and may void parts of your service, depending on the project. 


Backlinks/Link Building Services

Accountability for links

Responsibility for the content of external links (to web pages of third parties) lies solely with the operators of the linked pages. No violations were evident to us at the time of linking. Should any legal infringement become known to us, we will remove the respective link immediately.

Refund Policy
Due to the nature of backlinking services, we do not provide refunds once we have started link building. However, if we fail to deliver what you ordered we will fully refund the cost of your order or replace missing links / social signals within 2 weeks. 


We are not responsible for any damage you create with buying links. You are responsible for your link profile. Sawadee Solutions is not responsible for any links we create. If you do not agree with that don't buy.

Termination and cancellation policy

Sawadee Solutions requires a 30-day notice period prior to canceling any service unless otherwise stated in that service's specific Terms of Service. Upon cancellation, any outstanding balance must be settled before the release of a customer's domain name, website files, and database. After 30 days, all files, email accounts, and data will be deleted from our server. 


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